designEdit is a robust and modular Content Management System (CMS) designed to effectively and efficiently manage websites and applications. It can not only run a simple website, but fuel a complex web application. Such sites could require complicated data organization, heavy database integration, and offers the site administrator the ability to conduct all necessary content updates.

designEdit is a unique JavaScript/PHP CMS that separates the user interface from the backend. The JavaScript framework user interface, plugins, tools etc., work together with the PHP backend/logic to streamline development but is not exclusive to each other. Meaning you can create a plugin in the user interface to work with Node.js, Python or any language currently used or preferred and it will coexist within the designEdit framework. By using designEdit, you are not tied to running your site or application in PHP, it can simply be used as administration tool which allows the user to add, edit or update content within your database.

This CMS provides website administrators with password-protected access to a user-friendly, online dashboard allowing them to update and manage the website.

Some key features include:

  • Content editing - uses a full WYSIWYG editor that allows the user to add/update/edit text and images based on pre-programmed styles to maintain the overall branding of the site
  • File Manager - upload and store photos, PDF’s, documents, audio, video, etc., for inclusion in the site or cross-publishing purposes
  • Multi-user - multiple users can access the system at the same time. Primary administrators are able to assign user access levels (Ex. A CMS user may only have access to a specific page or section rather than to all content and functions)
  • Meta tags - Site-wide and page-specific (necessary for SEO)
  • Customizable modules - accessible content that meets WCAG, AODA, and Section 508 success criteria
  • Additional default, custom modules, plugins and tools as needed

designEdit is a scalable CMS solution that will let your website grow in a clean, efficient, and secure way.


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Canada's Walk of Fame
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Canada Colors and Chemicals Limited: Canadian Chemical & Plastic Supplier
Toronto Restaurant | Nota Bene Restaurant
Assembly Films | Live-Action Commercial Directors
Cystic Fibrosis Canada
Vapor RMW
MacGuffin Films | Tabletop Directors | Production Company
Michael Williams
Cultural Consulting, Planning & Management

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